Patio Pooch Menu

Bring your canine friend with & enjoy our patio & beer garden !

We will always bring a complimentary bowl of cool water for your canine companion.

Patio pup photos here.

Bagged doggy treats from

Bags of Treats

Warm Patio Pooch Platters

Veggie Vizsla Rabbit Vittles

Made with Organic rice flour, organic parsley, organic tomato, organic carrot, natural cheese, organic safflower oil, & Vitamin E as a natural preservative *

18 to a bag @ $3.50

Mutt Mix 4.95

Two grilled turkey hotdogs, sliced & tossed with assorted milk bone biscuits.

Molasses Ginger Mutt Paws

Organic unsulfered Black Strap molasses, organic honey, organic safflower oil, organic whole wheat flour, cinnamon cloves, fresh ginger root, & Vitamin E as a natural preservative

*10 to a bag @ $3.50

Chow Hound 5.95

German egg spaxtle noodles smothered with our mushroom & onion brown gravy & garnished with assorted milk bones

Peanut Butter Banana Boxer Bones Organic

Whole wheat flour, organic wheat germ, organic banana, organic peanut butter, organic egg, organic honey, & Vitamin E as a natural preservative

*12 to a bag @ $3.50


Sweet Treats

Sampler Bag of Bones

Here you get a variety pack of the Giggling Dog Treats

*20 to a bag @ $5.95

Carob Collie Crunchy Hearts

Organic whole wheat flour, organic honey, organic peanuts, carob chips, carob powder, organic safflower oil, organic vanilla, & Vitamin E as a natural preservative

* 12 to a bag @ $3.50


Patio Puppy Rules:Do not tie up your dog to chairs or tables. All dogs must be kept under control by owner Please do not let your dog disturb other guests

Blueberry Nut Beagle Biscotti

Organic whole wheat flour, organic blueberries, organic honey, organic peanuts, organic egg, organic safflower oil, organic vanilla honey& Vitamin E as a natural preservative

* 10 to a bag @ $3.50


Bowsers Birthday Cake $ 5

These cakes are made with a light peanut butter egg sponge cake batter, iced with peanut butter & served in a heart shape for your lovely dog's special day!


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